Ritzy Hiddenbed

The Ritzy Single Hidden Desk Bed is a full-size single bed that suites a standard mattress 900 mm x 1900 mm x 200 mm plus a large desk area 1900 mm x 610 mm. This is the ideal model if you like the Splendid, but do not want the shelf on top.

It can also be used as a couch by adding some cushions.

The price of the Ritzy Hidden Desk Bed excludes mattress.

Delivery and installation is included to any part of Ireland.

We can customise the hidden desk bed to your requirements by adding side units please see accessories for the various options you can also have it finished in a colour of your choice.

Price €1,850
 Width 2100 mm
 Height as a desk 910 mm
 Height as a bed 1310 mm
 Bed depth 1145 mm
 Desk depth 1110 mm